Carrie Rowan has been an award winning Singer/Songwriter with four highly acclaimed CDs for over 20 years. She is an Edu-tainer (educates while entertaining little ones) as well as one half of the popular female duo, Stefilia’s Stone. She is also a Certified Life Coach in the Strategic Intervention Method graduating from the Robbins/Madanes Coach Training Program.


Carrie graduated from Ithaca College with a BA in English/Psychology where she also studied music theory and voice. She had a successful career in Sales/Marketing for Fortune 100 companies before leaving to pursue her current career and mission to use her gifts and talents to create, uplift and empower her listeners, one song at a time.


She is also an author and speaker, Reiki master, energy medicine and meditation zealot. She was born with a desire to inspire others with her contagious enthusiasm and charismatic qualities that draw her listeners/readers in.


I have been unassumingly collecting thoughts, insights and stories for this book in my head for decades now.  In the midst of gathering up lifetimes of wisdom passed down through generations of storytellers, and armed with my own stories and the courageous sagas others have been sharing with me for years, I have come to understand why we keep telling stories about the things we least want in our lives and why we are not talking about what it is we want most instead.


Author, Coach, Singer/Songwriter and inspiring speaker Carrie Rowan keynotes are motivational, informative and eye-opening. Carrie will captivate your audience with her insight and personal experiences.  What makes her talks so unique and captivating is the use of music throughout the talk.  She uses her original songs to exemplify points at poignant moments which brings the emotional impact straight to the listeners heart.  This helps folks to easily have breakthrough and ah ah moments during her presentations.  Her lively and enthusiastic delivery is sure to delight audiences and captivate their attention while she weaves a melodic and moving story to inspire and empower your audience.


STORY COACHING offers you the unique ability to uncover the elusive stories that you tell yourself and others that are not serving your true desires.


Together we will uncover the limiting beliefs that are hidden behind your stories that are getting in the way of your happiness.  We will also discover the true intentions behind the stories that you tell that give us clues to your most pressing needs that are not being meet.  The hidden patterns that are stuck on repeat in your life will brought into the light so we can work on a new pattern that both serves you and fortifies you.  


Together we will re-write the stories of your life into fresh new stories that empowering and uplift you into a life that you cannot wait to get out of bed for every day.   



Carrie is an Award Winning Singer/Songwriter available for concerts and listening rooms, festivals and family music shows and children's interactive music classes.  She has opened for many national acts and shared the stage with well known contemporaries throughout New England and beyond. 

Carrie is available to perform with her duo, Stefilia's Stone or as a solo act for coffeehouses, libraries and festival for both children and adults alike.   


© 2020 by Carrie Rowan

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