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"Right off the bat, Carrie Rowan’s book titled "Your Story Sucks…The Happiness Right Out of You" grabbed my attention because of the clever twist of irreverence. And from there she keeps reeling in the reader with curiosity about what happens next in her story...what new, little insight or detail might she toss out on the next page that makes me want to turn it and read more? In sharing the success of first recognizing, and then rewriting her own story, Carrie’s comfortable and natural style of storytelling makes it easy to grasp how powerful our own stories are in our own lives, and how entirely possible it is to rewrite our scripts and start experiencing something new."

~ Carol Bedrosian

Publisher, Spirit of Change Magazine

I have been unassumingly collecting thoughts, insights and stories for this book in my head for decades now.  In the midst of gathering up lifetimes of wisdom passed down through generations of storytellers, and armed with my own stories and the courageous sagas others have been sharing with me for years, I have come to understand why we keep telling stories about the things we least want in our lives and why we are not talking about what it is we want most instead.  It has become commonplace to share our wounding as a way to connect with others, and it seems we have forgotten about our strength, our dreams and the power of our stories to uplift not only ourselves, but everyone around us.  

Reading book upon book, and attending seminars and classes while grappling with my own stories helped me demystify the why, the how and the what of the stories I call mine. Uncovering the timeless veins that run through all our stories revealed the Five Foundations of the Story to me and how these foundations can help the reader transform the stories they feel less than great about recanting.  

I meet people every day who tell me their “stuck” stories.  They cannot wait to share the one that keeps them where they no longer want to be just to prove their point.  Being stuck is no fun and often times we are blinded by frustration. Sometimes it’s hard to see what is right in front of us and for most of us, our own stories are something we don’t even pay attention to, but are the very thing that holds us back.  They keep us stuck on repeat much like the deep scratch in a broken record. But hold on, this book is about to help the reader lift up that needle and find a new groove. Your Story Sucks will give the reader a step by step approach to uncover their stories and transform the way they look at what they say about themselves, which prevents them from achieving the life they dream of.  

Your Story Sucks helps the reader to recognize the stories that are keeping them stuck.  It allows them to pull the lens back and look at what is really going on in their life and stories.  This awareness cracks open the gift of choice, thus allowing the reader to ask themselves the hard questions that are needed in order to decide whether their story supports them or not.  The book offers insights and choices through a guided journey where the reader begins to ask important questions about whether theirs is a loving story that supports what they want and where they want to go or if it has just become a bad habit to continually tell.  This book will transform how the reader looks at their own life stories and will give examples of how to re-write these stuck stories so they reflect what the reader really wants and who they want to become.  

Your Story Sucks imparts the wisdom in the Five Foundations of Your Story as a separate section in the book. 


I created an acronym for my five foundations each representing a letter in the word STORY.  

   S represents your State of mind which affects the how, when, what and who of our story telling.  

    T stands for True Intention which explores the deeper reason why we are telling the story and explores the theory that when our             intentions match our actions in life we have an equation for happiness.  

    O stands for Outcome.  What is the outcome of the story and how does it make the teller feel every time they repeat the story. It             also delves into how our story is affecting those around us and the energy in the room.  

    R represents the powerful Reframe of the story.   This section of the book is chock full of examples of real life reframes so the               reader gets a clear look at how reframing changes lives. 

    Y stands for “you”.  You had the power all along.  It’s our birthright to be intuitive, powerful creators and this section shows the               reader how to tap into their power.   

The old adage about neurons that fire together wire together, also works in reverse. I heard Joe Dispenza say that “neurons that no longer fire together, no longer wire together” which is how we change our old patterns. So once we become aware of the stories we tell ourselves and others, the ones that are stuck on repeat and have become hard wired in our brains and bodies, it opens up a world of choice which leads to change. Once we are armed with awareness, we can choose to re-write our stories into empowering and loving stories that support our desires. Rewriting stories that support the life we intend to live and know we are capable of achieving are possible once we become unattached to these habits of story.  I will discuss how meditation will help the reader to clarify what it is they really want in life and clears the path for desires to easily come to them.    

By learning these powerful Foundations, the reader will begin to examine their own stories and the hidden subtext beneath them.  Each foundation unravels a new layer to understanding their stories and offers explanations of how each foundation plays a part in the stories they tell, when they tell them, and why.  The reader starts to gain insight into how their stories have served a purpose in their life, and gives them the tools to help them unravel their stories so they can change their lens and easily make the choice to keep them or to paint a fresh new story to tell.  

Your Story Sucks shares vivid examples of real stories that exemplify how we use storytelling to serve a distinct purpose or to accelerate a particular outcome which happens mostly with us barely even realizing it.  True stories told with attention to detail, encourages the reader to delve deeper into their own story to examine the why and the how of their stories that have been stuck on repeat for years. The book illuminates my personal stories and their revisions to exemplify the point that all stories, even tragic ones, can be adapted to support an empowering message that lifts the storyteller up instead of bringing them down or making them a victim or villain.  

At the end of each chapter, Your Story Sucks offers deep questions for the reader to ask themselves as they learn more about their own stories.  These questions were designed to help the reader recognize patterns in their stories and to notice how their stories have changed throughout the years.  Once the reader begins to get familiar with their stories, they will recognize that they have a choice to rewrite them, keep them or stop telling them all together.  Once the reader becomes more adept at understanding their stories, I will ask them to reach beyond themselves and imagine how their stories are affecting those around them.  This is a powerful exercise, especially for parents, caregivers and educators. We often become so engrossed in our own stories that we forget to notice how they are affecting others around us.  We also fail to notice the message we continue to send out to the universe about ourselves with each unconscious retelling. 

Throughout the book I will offer a melding of words and music to create a unique, interactive learning experience.  Spotify codes are strategically placed in the book at appropriate points in selected chapters. My creativity as an award-winning songwriter offers a blend of original music infused with tidbits of wisdom embedded in the lyrics which will enhance the reader's experience while heightening their senses to solidify and emotionalize a point using melody, harmony and poignant lyrics to reinforce the topic at hand.  The songs tell their own 3-minute story and offer the listener creative freedom to interpret them and apply the wisdom to their own lives however they are moved by them. This multisensory approach to learning will appeal to modern readers and offer instantaneous access to the music by simply swiping the code with their phone or device while in the Spotify app and the song plays at the perfect point in that chapter. 


After all, music soothes the soul.